The Hard Bean Brunch Co.

The Hard Bean Brunch Co., launching summer 2019, came from the brain of restauranter Heather Rhodes, and her husband Steve Rhodes. With 20 years in the hospitality industry working for heavy hitters in the Vancouver restaurant scene, they decided to take the leap and set up on their own. The Hard Bean Brunch Co. will be a place where you can brunch all day, drink cocktails all night and get a damn fine cup of coffee any hour of the day.

With aspirations of expanding, not just in British Columbia but globally, The Hard Bean brand, menu and website required a degree of flexibility, allowing it to work across and be tailored to specific locations as and when they open.

“As new business owners, Sarah made it easy to design our logos and our website. She thinks outside the box and is 100% open to your ideas. Having Sarah on our team has made this process seamless for us.”

— Heather & Steve Rhodes, Owners